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BIRLING--Birling is the art of standing or spinning atop a 15" log, which is floating in a pond of water, while an opponent does the same at the other end of the log. They roll the log with their feet, spinning it as fast as possible trying to throw each other off balance on the slippery log within a timed period. Two out of three falls decide the match and, if no one falls, the contestants move to a smaller log and longer time periods.

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SPRINGBOARD CHOP--The contestant starts on the ground and chops a slot to set a "springboard" into a nine foot, upright log. He then climbs onto the springboard to chop a slot for a second springboard. From the second springboard, he chops through the 12 inch block which is attached to the top of the nine foot upright log. Time starts when the axe hits upright and ends as the block hits the ground.

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HORIZONTAL CHOP (also known as Under Hand Chop)--The contestant stands on a turned log 12-14 inches in diameter and chops half way through one side then turns around and cuts through the other side until the log breaks in half. Time begins when the axe hits the log and stops when the log is severed. Cradle for the logs are provided, but the contestant must secure the log. They can mark the log with a pencil and can cut foot holds. (Contestants of all three chopping events draw blocks randomly and are responsible for peeling at least one block for every event in which they are entered.)

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VERTICAL CHOP--The standing block chop is designed to simulate the falling of a live tree. The contestant must cut at least half way through one side of a 12-inch log, shift positions and finish and cut from the other side. The chopping log generally is secured by clamps set on a 26 inch high chopping stand. Contestants are responsible for securing the log. Time begins on a whistle and ends when the block hits the ground.

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OBSTACLE POLE--From the starting position, the contestant races up a 36-foot pole with one end on the ground and one end suspended five feet from the ground. At the end of the pole the contestant starts a power saw, saws through an eight-inch block and races back down the pole to a designated line. Any fall from the pole before the contestant reaches the line results in a "no time". Time starts on "go" and ends with contestant back in starting position.

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AXE THROWING--In the axe throw, the contestant tries to hit the bull's eye of a target 20 feet away. The target is 36 inches in diameter with five scoring areas: A 4-inch bull's eye, and then four 4 inch rings for the center and outer areas. With the bull's eye about 60 inches from the ground, contestants stand behind a line and throw the axe. The axe must stick in the target long enough for a judge to verify the score by walking to the target. The axe only has to cut the outer edge of the outer line of a scoring area to win points in that area. The axe must be double bitted, though only one side may stick in the target. The axe must be a minimum of 2 1/2 pound in weight and a minimum of 24 inches in overall length. Both men and women compete in this contest in separate events.

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STOCK POWER SAW--Contestants must bore through and sever a 23-30 inch log. The contestant furnishes a saw chain and safety gear, and show management furnishes the saw. Time starts when the chain pulls wood and ends when the block is severed.

SINGLE BUCKING--Bucking events require skill at saw handling--and a lot of muscle is needed to cut through a log which may not exceed 24 inches. The event begins with contestants making a starting cut within 1 1/2 inch of a mark assigned by judges. The cut is not to be more than one inch deep. Each contestant is allowed one other person called a "second" or a "manager" to oil the saw and put in wedges. The second must not touch the saw after the wedge is in place and can only drive the wedge as necessary. The wedge must not be worked back and forth. Slabs of 1/2 inch or more must be severed before time stops, if not severed, the cut will be disqualified. Time stops when the slab hits the platform. "Saw outs" will result in no time for that day. (Saw outs are when a slab is not cut perpendicular to the log.)

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TWO JACK (DOUBLE) BUCKING--In this event, two men saw a log which is 20-30 inches in diameter. One "second" is permitted per team. The starting cut cannot be deeper than 1 3/4 inches.

JACK AND JILL BUCKING--This is the same as single and double bucking, only the team consists of one male and one female. They saw through a 16 inch log. **Lumberjack Days sponsors the World Championship competition in this event.**

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SPEED CLIMBING--Climbers must start with one foot on the ground, climb with a safety rope of at least 7/8 inch diameter with a steel core to the top of a 65-foot spar and ring a bell. Climbers also have special spurs they attach to the outside of their boots. Time begins with a starting signal and ends when the contestant rings the bell. There are no restrictions on descent except that a spur must be set at least every 15 feet.

TREE TOPPING--The contestant climbs a pole, severs the block with a crosscut saw and pushes the block to the ground. Timing begins as climber's foot leaves the ground and stops when the cut slab hits the ground.

CHOKER SETTING--The event begins with the choker set around one of the spars and the contestant's hands on the spar. On "go" the contestant unhooks the choker, runs around log number 1, sets the choker on log number 2 and runs back across the log number 1 to touch the spar and end the time.

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HOT SAWING (OPEN CLASS)--Modified power saws, limited to one cylinder are supplied by contestants. Two minutes are allowed for start, warm up and adjustments. The log is 24 inches in diameter. Time starts on "go" with the saw off, on the deck and the contestant's hands on the log. They must begin their cut before the two minutes expires or there is "no time". Time ends when the slab hits the ground.


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